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The integration of touch screen technology allows your establishment to always be “open.”

This interactive technology lets your customers see what you have to offer and do business with you, long after the front doors have been locked for the night.

This self-guided, consumer-driven approach speaks to the customers’ needs and availability – they’re no longer reliant on staff or your operating hours to assist them.

Manic Images recognizes that not all devices and applications are created equal.  Each installation takes into account factors such as environment (interior vs. exterior application, dry vs. humid climate, vandal-prone/abusive location), purpose (simple information control, detailed purchasing or data handling), and even size and interface (will the user need to type on a “virtual keyboard?,” is this for a boardroom or instructional display?, will the screen be an input device to control building equipment?).  These factors will all be considered in order to design the perfect touch screen network for you.

Let us explain the differences between Acoustic Pulse Recognition, Capacitive, Dispersive Signal Technology, Infrared, Optical Imaging, Resistive, Strain Gauge, and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technologies.