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Okay, the work is done; now for a little relaxation…

Manic Images is proud to offer Home Theatre design and installation as part of its services.  The movie and television business is a deeply rooted passion for us and we are always interested in making it possible for others to share in our enjoyment of storytelling through moving images.  Most of all, we want to make your home theatre experience something you’ll want to share with your family and friends. Then again, maybe you won’t want to share it all! Your home theatre room can be your escape from the day.

Home theatre rooms don’t have to be expensive.  The can be very simple and consist of the screen and the audio.  Or, they can be lavishly designed rooms with themed scenic elements, automated curtains and screens, specialized chairs for sensory enhancement and sound that is timed and enhanced to accentuate the slightest or grandest of scenes.  We can offer ideas and options at both ends of the spectrum.

You might not even be aware of all the options; let us give you choices beyond just 1.33:1 “4:3” (Television) or 1.78:1 “16:9” (Widescreen).  How about screens that automate and widen out to 1.85:1 (35mm) or even 2.39:1 (Anamorphic/Scope) for a fully-enveloping visual experience?  And we will explain the differences between 720p, 1080i and 1080p and how compression affects each of those formats so you will have the absolute best picture quality in your new theatre without “overbuying” on technology.  We will create a room that will immerse you in the movie, and we’ll make it as dynamic as you desire.

But movies might not be your idea of entertainment at home. There’s another part to home theatre rooms that we can also design and build for you…the home sports arena...

...Think of your ultimate sporting room, a space where you can have one large screen to focus on the “big game” with additional monitors on the side so you can keep track of the action for all the rest of your “favorite teams.”  We’re going beyond picture-in-picture to have three, six, however many screens you desire so that you don’t miss a moment of the action anywhere.  We can integrate your satellite or cable system and give you control of the entire system with a fully-programmed remote and, just like a movie-based home theatre room, we can decorate and enhance the entire room around your favorite team, sport or player.