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• projection

The tremendous advances in Projection technology allow for dramatic and exciting methods of delivering your message.  Manic Images exists to help you introduce advertising, information, news, promotions and more in bold, innovative ways and places previously never considered.

We feature versatile screen material that allows the viewing canvas to be designed in practically any shape imaginable.  Is your company heavily brand-centric?  We’ll create advertising and information displays that incorporate your unique brand and push your message to the forefront of the competition.

Location, location, location.  We can place screens in places that you never imagined, even glass or mid-air!  We have innovative film products that allow moving images to be visible on storefronts, display marquees, and other unique surfaces, and the images are vibrant, detailed and crystal clear, even in direct sunlight.  Or maybe you need screens that are viewable on both sides to hang over an area that you are directly promoting and want to get as much “eye traffic” as possible.

Plus, you are not limited to just projection screens and film.  We can use the surfaces that already exist at your location to catch the attention of your audience in unexpected ways.  Floors, ceilings, columns, stucco, wood, water; the more unique, the more dynamic.

• lcd and plasma

Some locations are simply better suited for LCD or Plasma screens.  We integrate displays that are perfect for close-range scrutiny.  LCD screens are perfect for point-of-sale locations, security and information kiosks, advertising in elevators and waiting areas, informative displays in museums and trade-shows, exterior locations at golf tournaments and the like, and a multitude of other applications.  Utilizing motion-sensor technology and area-specific audio devices, your displays can come to life for the viewer without being an intrusion throughout the space.  We will also explain areas when one media is preferable over the other so that you understand what is best for your particular need.

We have a wealth of elements to complement your displays.  From parabolic and hidden speakers that make sound come to life in specific zones to water-proof housings and stand-alone playback units, we can make an installation as temporary or as permanent as you desire.  We also offer a large range of display accents including frames, one-way glass, colored bezels and more, all to allow your displays to integrate into the environment, not overpower it.