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Seeing your image is just the beginning.  So why stop there?

Manic Images offers a wide variety of products and installation options to make audio an unobtrusive, yet effective, element that can carry a message, entertain, or even calm and relax your clientele.  We utilize innovative technology that can be placed inside the wall, directly on glass, under desks and counters or even disguised as rocks or other scenic devices.

We carry audio solutions that can “focus” the sound so that it’s only available in the area it’s needed (great for displays or exhibits) or fill an entire room with evenly distributed audio that has no discernable source.  We will give you the ability to aim audio “messages” where they are needed while not overpowering the overall environment.

Best of all, you can deliver a full, rich, acoustical experience to your customers — a welcome change from the status quo “tin can” audio.